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How to register for your PVC online in 5 simple steps



Nigeria’s general elections begin on February 25, 2023. Since the 2019 elections, about 20 million Nigerians have turned 18 and are now eligible to vote. While every Nigerian citizen has the right to vote, logistical obstacles can prevent them from exercising it. One of the most important steps in the voting process can be taken right now, though, and that’s obtaining a Permanent Voters Card (PVC).

Voters must present a PVC issued by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on Election Day in order to participate in the voting process. In previous elections, PVC registration was an arduous process that required people to queue for days. Now, any Nigerian citizen with access to the internet can register a PVC by themselves online as INEC has launched an online portal for this purpose. Other than registering for a new PVC, voters can also use the site to transfer their cards to a different state or request a card to be reissued.

The online PVC registration, which started in June 2021, has a deadline of June 30, 2022. As of May 12, 2022; more than 16 million people have registered. However, INEC chairman Mahmud Yakubu revealed in April that around 45% of these registrations were declared invalid due to incomplete data and wrong or multiple registrations. In some regions, the chairman added, that percentage was as high as 60%.

To ensure a validated registration, follow the 5 simple steps below to register for your PVC online.

PVC registration online

Step 1: Visit the INEC website

The first step on how to register your PVC online is to go to the INEC registration portal and select “Get Started”. You will be taken to a new page with a list of services. Click on “New Voter Pre-registration”. Note: This option is only for people who have never registered their PVC before. There are other options on the site if your card is lost, or if you want to buy update your information for a new card.

Before we proceed further, know that you can only register once. Wait for confirmation after submitting your application, and do not make any attempt to register again after that-otherwise, you risk invalidating your registration, because signing up multiple times is considered a crime.

Step 2: Create a portal account or login

Before proceeding to the registration form, you will be required to sign in to your portal account or create one. Fill in your name, email address, phone number, and create a password, then click “Submit”. It is important to only use an email address you have access to, as you will receive an email instantly to verify your account. If you can’t find the email, it might have gone to your spam folder.

In your email app, you should find mail from INEC CVR Portal. Open it and click on the link contained in it to return to the sign-in page you encountered earlier. This time, click on “Log In” and enter your email and the password you just created. After that, you will be directed to a Declaration page that wants to confirm that all information you will provide is accurate. Ensure to click on “Yes” before proceeding.

Step 3: Register

After the Declaration page, you will be taken to the main registration form. The information required for the form is as follows:

Biodata: name, date of birth, gender, occupation, address, NIN, and nationality.

Additional information: level of education, disability, maiden name.

Residence: country of residence, state of residence, LGA or city of residence.

Birth information: country of birth, state of birth, LGA or city of birth.

Origin information: country of origin, state of origin, LGA or city of residence, place of origin (town or village)

Polling unit: This is information about the state, local government and area you want to vote in.

At the bottom of the page, you will find space for supporting documents like your national identity card or passport. Although this step is not mandatory, it facilitates the verification process by making it easy to confirm your identity. It also enables INEC to link your profile on their database to other databases.

After you have this, click “Save and Continue”, and you’ll be led to a fresh page with confirmation that your application has successfully been updated. If you do not get this confirmation, click on the three black lines in the top right corner of your screen to view your application status.

Step 4: Upload Photographs

Next, you will be required to upload two clear close-up photographs of your face: one with a neutral expression, and the other with you smiling. To upload your photos, click “Choose File” and you will be taken to your camera. As soon as you take each selfie, click “Use Photo”, and it will be automatically resized and uploaded. Make sure the photos are clear and well-lit. You’re now ready for the next step.

Step 5: Schedule an appointment

Now that you know how to register for your PVC online, the final step is how to schedule a convenient appointment date to get your biometric data collected. Biometrics are unique physical characteristics you have like height and fingerprints. On this page, you will get a form with a list of options showing the closest places where you can get your biometrics done. These options are obtained from the address you entered when filling out your biodata. There are 811 centres dedicated to biometrics capturing nationwide, with even more being created. You can find a list of every center listed by state here.

There is also a list of available times for your biometrics on the portal. Select the one most convenient for you. Biometrics take about 30 minutes to be completed and the officials are punctual. In the event that you miss the date or time for your appointment, you can always reschedule through the INEC portal. Once you’ve selected a date and time, you can then submit your application.

Now you’re on your way to becoming an eligible voter. After your biometrics appointment, you will receive a temporary voters’ card (TVC)-proof that you completed the voting process. Keep it in a safe place. When the PVC is ready, you will be contacted by INEC to pick it up at the same center you had your biometrics done. This can take anywhere between 1 to 3 months.

Note: You must present your TVC in order to receive the PVC. If your TVC is missing, you can reprint it from the online portal. All you need to do is enter your log in details in order to access your form.

Article by Hannatu Asheolge for techcabal

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Hospitals and Laboratories for DNA Tests in South Africa – How To Go For a DNA Test in South Africa | Cost of DNA Test in South Africa



DNA Test

I will educate you on How To Go For a DNA Test in South Africa and the Cost of DNA Tests in South Africa in this article.

Carrying out a DNA test on all citizens is very necessary for south Africa for those dealing with divorce and child support proceedings.

People hoping to migrate to another country need proof of nationality, adopting children, and those trying to verify the paternity of a parent.

A British geneticist by the name of Sir Alec John Jeffreys invented DNA testing or DNA profiling in the 1980s.

It is now frequently employed to establish a person’s identity and settle any lingering paternity questions.

In the nucleus of organic cells, a substance called DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid can be found. It determines, broadly speaking, how the cell carries out every action.

The easiest individual biological marker known to man can be used to describe all living creatures.

DNA testing is essential to many social, legal (such as court litigations and indictments), and also civic procedures for this emigration.

Moreover, a test may be necessary to establish familial ties, track a person’s ancestry, or link offenders to specific crimes, as well as to improve personal and interpersonal health.

Due to the years of advancement in genetic research, you may now use DNA Testing kits to perform some DNA tests at home. These are only related to specific DNA tests and are ineffective for other types.

As a result, the price of DNA testing will change based on the type of test that is needed.

The only legally recognized option to verify a connection if paternity is requested in court is through a DNA test, which is the most precise technology currently available to do so.

There are centres you can go to if you wish to go through a DNA test in South Africa. They are listed below. Continue reading.

Hospitals and Laboratories for DNA Tests in South Africa

The following centres are to be considered: Dnalysis,, Geneway, HomeDNAdirect, Genediagnostics, and Horizon laboratories as potential DNA testing facilities.

Before selecting a testing centre, it is imperative to learn vital details about it.

These factors include how much the various DNA tests will cost, whether they will meet your needs, and how to pick a DNA testing facility. This article will analyze more on it.

1. HomeDNAdirect South African

Your neighbourhood supplier for all your DNA testing requirements is HomeDNAdirect South Africa. The centre provides the most current selection of tests on the market, all of which are supported by their extensive expertise in this area.

More than 250,000 tests have been performed in the labs where your DNA will be analyzed thus far. They offer paternity testing using 21 genetic markers, which can be done for home or peace of mind use.

Testing for paternity between an alleged father and kid can be done at HomeDNAdirect South Africa for as little as R2395.

2. EasyDNA  South Africa

The second DNA testing facility in South Africa is EasyDNA South Africa.

EasyDNA South Africa is the dependable company of choice for all of your DNA testing-related inquiries.

They offer various DNA tests, including paternity and relationship tests, with reliable findings.


They know how important it is to be able to locate the answers, which is why their tests are priced and affordable. The paternity test from EasyDNA costs just R2395. ZERO additional fees apply.

3. DNA Test

Another well-known location for conducting all paternity, legal, ancestry, and fidelity tests is the DNA Test.



Phone: 0861 DNATES (0861 362 837) or 031 566 4355 Fax: 0865 170 070.

4. DNALYSIS Biotechnology

A variety of DNA tests are available from DNAlysis Biotechnology.

It’s one of South Africa’s busiest DNA centres.

Medical professionals and patients can maintain and improve their health and wellness with the help of DNAlysis.

A wide range of skilled medical professionals uses the hospital’s DNA tests to learn more about the needs of their patients for optimum nutrition and wellness.

Various tests provide information on many aspects of health, from managing weight and the risk of chronic diseases to comprehending sports performance and the need for high-intensity exercise recovery.

5. DNA Paintball

DNA Paintball South Africa is another place where you can look for DNA services.

Cost of DNA Test in South Africa

The price of a DNA paternity test in South Africa ranges from R700 to over R3000 depending on the type of DNA test, purpose, and location of the laboratory.

Various Types of DNA Tests

DNA testing can be categorized into four different types depending on the purpose for which they are needed.

These include nutritional DNA testing, healthcare improvement DNA testing, legal DNA testing, and personal DNA testing.

Personal DNA Test

You might choose to have a DNA test for yourself to learn:

Identifying your ancestors.

If you are related to a cousin, niece, or nephew.

if you are the child’s parent.

You are getting your DNA tested in these situations. Personal DNA testing doesn’t include any additional obligations.

It is carried out after a personal decision that is primarily motivated by curiosity or an ingrained sense of social responsibility (like paternity).

DNA testing for private reasons in South Africa costs about R 1 200 per person. This implies that you will be charged about R 2 400 if you are testing both of you.

However, paternity tests, which examine two persons, can cost as much as R 4,000 at DNA testing facilities. The easiest test merely examines the DNA.

The costliest option is to check a panel of genes, which is slightly more expensive. A few testing facilities also charge extra for extra services like nutritional counselling.

To acquire a customized DNA test, first, order a kit from a testing facility’s website. These are often sold for a fixed price that includes the expense of testing.

The sample is then manually selected by the centre at your location upon request in certain cases or sent to them via email in other cases. Test samples are delivered differently to different sites.

Once they are through, an email or a message with the results will be sent to you.

Dischem DNA Test Price

On the Dischem website, customers can purchase an Advanced DNA profile & Epigenetic test kit for R2,800.

legal DNA Test

Legal DNA testing is necessary for several legal situations. Court lawsuits, birth registrations, and birth registration modifications are examples of such legal issues.

The cost of DNA testing for legal purposes is approximately R4 700.

The department or organization that demands the test is performed by a chain of custody. The department or agency may refuse to accept the test if this stipulation is not met.

Healthcare Improvement DNA Test

When prescribed medication is specifically made for patients whose DNA profiles have been identified, it is more effective.

A DNA profile contains details regarding how your ailment was affected by your genetic makeup.

As a result, the prescription is more effective and has fewer negative effects than standard non-genetic prescription medications.

For this purpose, a DNA test will cost you about R3,500. Your DNA profile can be saved for further use. Your profile will be more complete after a full genomic test.

It’s quite important to remember that only some medications are compatible with this testing, though.

Therefore, you should always check with the facility to see if the prescription you now have or intend to receive is compatible with certain DNA medical prescriptions.

Nutritional DNA Test

Other uses can be made of DNA profiles. They can be utilized, for instance, to provide you with a personalized diet plan. Diets and supplements that are customized for a particular DNA profile are most effective.

You will operate a healthier lifestyle as a result. These DNA examinations run about R4000.

How to select a DNA Testing Facility

When choosing a DNA testing facility, take the following into account:

the facility’s accreditations, the privacy procedures it has in place for handling the results of your DNA test, the kind of tests they offer, as well as its website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where in South Africa can I get a DNA test done?

You can schedule a paternity test at the National Health Laboratory Service to find out whether you are biologically associated with someone or not.

What is the price of a DNA test in South Africa?

Your South African DNA Test Expert

The price of an EasyDNA paternity test is simply R2495, and there is no extra fee. Because your DNA test is conducted by an ISO 17025 globally accredited laboratory using cutting-edge genetic identification techniques, you can be sure that your results will be accurate and trustworthy.

How long does it take to get DNA results in South Africa?

After the samples are received, it typically takes 5-7 working days to receive the results for paternity testing and 5-15 working days for kinship analysis testing.

Can a father conduct a DNA test without the mother’s permission in South Africa?

The mother must be present to sign consent for the testing of the minor kid to conduct a paternity test for legal purposes if the child is a minor (under the age of 18). The mother does not need to be present if the child is older than 18 years.

Which DNA test is the best in South Africa?

The GENECOMBO™ includes tests 1-4 for R4 542.50 and is the most popular choice when it comes to the best DNA test price in South Africa. This is a significant saving over what each test would cost if purchased separately.


Over the past three decades, DNA testing has developed into an essential component of healthcare, social welfare, and judicial proceedings.

Your DNA profile will be useful to you now and in the future, if you choose to get tested. Make sure you are aware of your needs to reduce costs. This is so because various DNA tests are created to meet particular needs.

Also, keep in mind to carefully analyze your testing centre selection. The experience is made nice or bad by the testing centres. Long-term DNA testing partners will be the best testing facilities.

Make sure their privacy statement is appropriate. Make sure your data is captured, analyzed, and kept in an impenetrable manner. Finding a DNA test in the country that works for you should be easier in light of all of this.



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Hospitals and Laboratories for DNA Test in Nigeria – How to go for a DNA Test in Nigeria | Cost of DNA Test in Nigeria



DNA Test

You are currently reading the right article if you are thinking of running a paternity test. This will answer all questions, including where you may do DNA tests safely and privately in Nigeria and the cost price.

The issue of DNA tests has recently become the talk of the town.

Some fathers are currently dealing with the inferiority of training another man’s child. The children they raised and possibly spent money on believing to be theirs may not be theirs.

Some Nigerian women claim that cheating on husbands now has consequences that are felt at home by caring for children who were never truly theirs.

A DNA test is a very sensitive case that would bring insult to any lady with whom it is concerned. However, several circumstances might call for you to take a DNA test.

So, how much does a DNA test cost and how does it work in Nigeria? And where are the Nigerian locations where one can go for a DNA test?

This article is written to provide answers to these queries. A paternity test can be done before and after giving birth to a baby. Continue reading below!

Table of Contents

The Procedure of DNA Test

The sort of DNA test performed after the infant is delivered is more frequently used.

A blood sample can be collected from the umbilical cord or even swabbed from the baby’s lips while they are still in the hospital.

However, DNA tests are frequently performed in Nigeria many years after birth.

Using a buccal swab or cheek swab, buccal cells on the inside of the cheek are collected for the test. These swabs contain cotton-covered synthetic tips on wooden or plastic sticks.

To get as many buccal cells as possible, the collector touches the inside of the subject’s cheek. The buccal cells are subsequently delivered to a lab for analysis.

Samples from the claimed father and the kid would be required for paternity testing. Samples from the mother and kid would be required for maternity testing.

How Long Does it Take to Get a DNA Test Result?

The majority of laboratories can complete results in 2 to 3 days after receiving samples.

If findings are required more quickly, such as to add a name to a birth certificate, for immigration purposes, or in court matters, there are other expedited techniques available to guarantee a quick turnaround.

What is the Cost of a DNA Test in Nigeria?

The cost of a DNA test in Nigeria ranges from N80,000 to over N300,000 depending on the location and the hospital laboratory facility you visited.

DNA Test Centers in Nigeria including Prices 

There are not many, however, more labs are just opening. For the time being, some centres will be added with their corresponding price lists for at least 8 states, including Lagos and Abuja.

Lagos State DNA Paternity Test Laboratories

1. Lynx DNA Laboratory

Harmony Enclave Estate, Ikeja, Lagos, 9b, James Oluleye Crescent, Off Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Koko bus stop next to Eco Bank.

Phone: +2348051213073, +2348033121685

Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Bookings are taken on Saturday and Sunday.

They have locations in Benin, Calabar, and Lagos.

Depends on the sort of cost. The price for mental calmness is #90,000, while the price for a legal battle, immigration, or direct request is #120,000 Naira.

2. DNA Center

Oluwatobi House, 73 Allen Avenue, 100281 Ikeja; phone: 0705 999 9333; 1679 Karimu Kotun Street, Lagos Island, Lagos State; DNA Centre for Paternity Test Nigeria

014407904, 0909 864 5089

Cost: #100,000.

3. Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH)

Idi-Araba Road in Lagos, Nigeria.

Phone: +2348070591395 (Corporate), +2348070591472 (Corporate), 08070591395, 08070591470 (CMAC).

Cost: #85,000.

4. Nigeria Paternity Test

Nigerians paternity test has locations all across the country where they offer lab and home paternity tests. They gather your samples from wherever you are in the country and send them to Lagos.

However, its main office is located at Lagos Island at 79 Bamgbose Street.

Also, they conduct prenatal paternity tests.

Cost: #100,000 for in-person service and #120,000 for in-home service. The price of prenatal paternity testing ranges from #250 000 to #300 000.

5. Pathcare/Synlab Labs

They are very knowledgeable and competent in the field. Paternity tests are performed by Pathcare outside of Lagos, Ibadan, Port-Harcourt, or Abuja.

There are locations across the nation for Pathcare Laboratories, which recently changed its name to SYNLAB.

They have numerous locations throughout Lagos. 9A/B Egbeyemi Street, Off Coker Road, Ilupeju, Lagos is the address of one of Pathcare’s offices in Lagos.

Phone: 0810 460 7655. To find out which is closest to you.

Cost: #95,000–#100,000. It costs #110,000 for home service.

6. Clina-Lancet Laboratories

3, Babatunde Jose off Adetokunbo Ademola in Lagos, Nigeria’s Victoria Island.

Phone: 01 7001310-339, 0704 618 1382

In 14 African nations, Clina-Lancet Laboratories is a part of the Lancet Group of Laboratories.

In eight locations around Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Ibadan, and Warri in Nigeria, the laboratory is accredited and open twenty-four hours a day.

Paternity tests in the Clina-Lancet lab cost #105,000.

7. DNA Diagnostic Center (DDC)

They are located @ 1679 Karimu Kotun Street, Lagos Island, in Lagos State.

Phone: 09098645089

They offer DNA tests for legal and immigration purposes, as well as tests for ancestry, sibling relationships, grandparentage, paternity after birth, and prenatal paternity.

Cost: #90,000, but DNA testing for immigration and the legal system cost #130,000.

8. DNA Bank

Laboratory for Molecular Systematics and Palynology, Botany Department, the University of Lagos at Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria.

Phone: 08023201618

Cost:  #95,0000.

9. easyDNA, Nigeria

Address: Ijeshatedo Surulere, 2 Omilani Street, Lagos, Nigeria.

Phone: 08097288704

easyDNA Nigeria offers home DNA tests for paternity, legal paternity, relationships, DNA profiles, twin zygosity, infidelity, and discrete DNA samples that are reasonably priced, highly accurate, trustworthy, and private.

Cost: #85,000, home service costs #100,000.

10. DNA

Located at 73, Allen Avenue, Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria.

Phone no: 07059999333, 07059999444, 08160010036.

This DNA centre specializes in forensic DNA testing as well as paternity testing, prenatal testing, immigration testing, legal testing, and testing for paternity at home.

Cost: #90,000.

Paternity tests for immigration and legal purposes cost #110,000.

Prenatal DNA test costs between #300,000 and #350,000.

11. Bode DU Laboratory Technology Limited

They are located at Plot 45 Oyibo Adjarho Street, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria

Phone: 0803 9461 596, 0803 5466 923, 01 2704789

Cost: #100,000 only.

12. Mecure Healthcare Center

Me Cure DNA centre is located at Debo Industries Compound, Apapa oshodi Expressway (near NAFDAC).

Phone: 070-00MECURE, 070-00632873

The scheduled time for the call is from 6 PM – 8 AM

on 081-29910710.

Their branches are at Ibadan, Lekki, Abuja, Warri, Aba, Kano, Ondo, and Umuahia,

Cost: #110,000.

Ibadan, Oyo State DNA Paternity Test Laboratories

1. Heritage Comprehensive Hospital

Medical Doctor: Dr Akanji Williams

Address: @57, Anfani Road off Ring Road Ibadan

Phone no: 08055371718


Cost: #95,000.

2. Pathcare/Synlab

They are located at 17, Ladoke Akintola Street, along Aare Avenue, New Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Cost: #100,000.

3. Mecure Diagnostics Ltd

Their address is plot 5, Awosika Avenue, Old Bodija, Ibadan.

070-66615139, 070-88646032.

DNA Test Centres in Ogun State

Deocharis Medical Diagnostic

They are located at kuforiji olubi junction, opp Arigbabuwo house Adigbe Abeokuta.

Phone no: 08024680065

COST: #100,000.

The DNA test can be done at Mecure branches Pathcare, or Lynx in Abeokuta, Ogun.

Kaduna State DNA Test Centres

1. DNA Lab

They are located along Katuru way, no Q5 Danja Road, Unguwar Sarki Kaduna Nigeria.

Phone numbers: 08099282985, 08037880765, 07087257965.

Kano State DNA Test Centres

1.RayScan Diagnostics

Their address is at plot 4, New Court road, (close federal high court and opposite Post Office) Gyadi Gyadi, Kano, Nigeria


Price: #100,000.

2. Mecure Diagnostic Ltd

Located at no 8, Post Office Road (Opposite MoH), Kano.


Abuja DNA Test Centres

1. Identi Gene

Their office is at Plot 578, Cadastral Zone B09, Kado Estate, Abuja FCT Nigeria.

Phone no: 0803700 1566

They conduct legal and immigration paternity tests and peace of mind paternity tests.

The cost of a peace of Mind paternity DNA test is #100,000, and legal & immigration cost is #140,000.

2. Vinette Hospital

Vinette hospital is located opposite Angel Plaza on Samuel Akintola Boulevard, 14 Gindiri Street along Wushishi Street, Garki 11. Abuja. Nigeria.

Phone no: 08033207432

PRICE: #105,000.

3. Pathcare/Synlab Laboratories

Located at Gwarinpa Estate, 1st Avenue, Abuja.

Cost: #115,000.

Ilorin, Kwara State DNA Test Centres


Pathcare is located in Kwara state high court, 9 Oke Ode Close, G.R.A, Ilorin.

Cost: #100,000.

Lokoja, Kogi State DNA Test Centres

CareCrest Specialist Hospital and Fertility Centre

They are located at Okene road, 1 Agbaja close, Lokoja (IBB Way) (immediate opposite of NYSC Secretariat and after New Toni Oil near Ganaja Junction)

Phone no: 08148536160

Cost: #100,000 while home service has an additional #10,000.

South-South Nigeria (Niger Delta) DNA Test Centres

Benin-city, Edo State DNA Test Centres

1. Vicsly Medical Laboratory

They are located along Sapele road at no 60, Adesuwa Grammar School by Water Resources Junction. Benin

Phone: 08035673371

Cost: #100,000.

2. Pathcare/Synlab Laboratories

Their office is at no 29, Sakponba Road, opposite I.K. Pharmacy, Benin state.

Working hours: Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm.

Cost: #95,000 to #100,000. While home service is #120,000.

3. The Women’s Health and Action Research Centre (WHARC)

Their address is at km 11, Lagos to Benin ExpressWay, Benin City, Edo State.

Prof. F.E Okonufua (08023347828), Ekwo Chioma (08051268082).

Price: #110,000.

Yenagoa, Bayelsa DNA Paternity Test Centre

Scanex Diagnostics

Located in Yenagoa, Bayelsa, at number 12 Osiri/Wetland Road, Ekeki, by Peace Mass Transit Park.

Phone no: 08083216434,07037826236

Price: #100,000 or above.

Uyo, Akwa Ibom State DNA Test Laboratory

Frontline Laboratory

The frontline laboratory is located along the opposite playground, no 37 Brook Street,

Uyo. Akwa Ibom.

Phone no: 08039394431

Cost: #105,000.

Warri, Delta state DNA Test Centres

1. Lily Hospitals

Their location is along Deco Road, Warri, Delta.

Medical Doctor: Dr Okogun

Phone no: 08023095614, 08055022173, 08035201186

Cost: #112,000.

2. Pathcare/Synlab

Their address is at no 61, Effurun/Sapele Road, along Urhobo College, at Odibo Housing.

Cost: #95,000.

Port-Harcourt, Rivers State DNA Test Centres

1. International Diagnostic Centre

Medical Doctor: Dr Musa

They are located at no. 5, along Mummy B Road, Port Harcourt

Phone no: 08183987510, 08062622296

Cost: #120,000.

2. Atlantic Medical Centre

Their address is at no 76c, Emekuku Street off D-Line, Port Harcourt

Phone no: 08062622296


Cost: #120, 000.

3. Pathcare/Synlab

Address: Enaan Towers is located on East/West Road, PH, across from the Uniport main gate.

Cost: #100,000.

Calabar, Cross Rivers State DNA Test Centres

Elvigor Medical Laboratory

No. 11, Eyo Edem by Watt Market Roundabout off Hewett Street, Calabar

UGOCHUCKWU JIDERE: (08037965482)


Cost: #100,000.

Centres for DNA paternity tests in Southeast Nigeria.

Anambra, Enugu, Ebonyi, Imo, and Abia make up southern Nigeria.

Anambra State DNA Test Centres

Iykenson Medical & Diagnostics

Awka, Anambra, Road 2 Mofor Estate Unzik Temporary Site.

Phone no: 08037711643, 08141272583, 08063386657

Abia State DNA Test Centres

Me cure Diagnostics, Umuahia

Located at Aba-Owerri Road in Umuahia, Abia State, across from the Federal Medical Center.

Phone no: 070-88646026

They also have a location at the state teaching hospital in Aba.

Cost: #100,000.

Enugu State DNA Paternity test center

1. MediChem Laboratory

1 Udoji Street, off Edinburgh Street, in the Enugu East neighbourhood of Ogui New Layout.

Phone no: 08033427483, 08091543940

Price: #90,000.

2. Wildec Diagnostic Centre

Their address is at no 32, Edinburgh Road, along Enugu Ogui New Layout, Enugu.

Phone no: 08162750039, 08033745624, 07050777559

COST: #105,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of a DNA test at a Nigerian hospital?

Depending on the clinic, a typical peace-of-mind paternity DNA test in Nigeria costs between #100,000 and #150,000. The typical test entails taking a quick mouth swab sample from both the child and the alleged father.

How long does the DNA test take?

Generally, results are available two weeks after the sample was collected.

At what age can DNA tests be done on a baby?

You can do a DNA test on a baby after birth as soon as the baby has been cleaned up by hospital staff. Because a cheek swab is used, the baby’s mouth must be free from meconium, amniotic fluid, breast milk, or formula when doing the DNA collection.

How do I prepare for a DNA test?

A sample of blood, hair, skin, amniotic fluid (the fluid that surrounds a fetus during pregnancy), or other tissue is used for genetic tests. For instance, a technique known as a buccal smear collects a sample of cells from the inside surface of the cheek using a small brush or cotton swab.

Can the father be excluded from a DNA test?

If the claimed father is not available, can another family member administer the test? Yes, if done through a cousin of the claimed father, DNA testing is doable. There are several tests available (e.g. avuncular, grandparent, etc.)


Many Nigerian men have unknowingly raised children they are not biological fathers to. After Jamaica, Nigeria has the second-highest rate of paternity fraud worldwide. DNA testing at birth should be considered to stop the tendency of many males to raise children who are not theirs.



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Hospitals and Laboratories for DNA Tests in Ghana – How To Go For a DNA Test in Ghana | Cost of DNA Test in Ghana



DNA Test

Are you searching for How To Go For a DNA Test in Ghana? Many Hospitals and Laboratories offer DNA Tests in Ghana at various prices you can afford.

DNA tests give the biological result of a child. It enables people to find out if they are the true parent of their children.

Deoxyribonucleic acid is a gene that is passed down from parent to child; if the test results are 99% or higher, you are sure of the child’s parent.

A parent or child with chimaera has two sets of genotypes rather than one. The test might not pass if this occurs.

A DNA test for your child is necessary in the modern world, where paternity, maternity, and infant theft are all on the rise. There has recently been a commotion for DNA testing to establish a child’s paternity.

But not everyone can afford the price of a DNA test in Ghana. However, the purpose of this article is to explain how much a DNA test costs in Ghana and where you can get one done. Continue reading!

What is a DNA Test?

A DNA test is typically a paternity test that uses DNA profiling to verify whether a person is the child’s father (or, in rare cases, mother).

If carried out properly and in compliance with rules, a DNA test can be reliable paternity proof that can be used in a court of law.

Other biological ties can also be determined via DNA testing, although paternity tests are the most popular.

A DNA test is now the most accurate and sophisticated way to establish parentage.

It is almost entirely true. When the results are reported, they are commonly given as percentages rather than a simple “Yes” or “No.” If you score higher than 99%, you are unquestionably the father.

If a participant in a DNA test is a chimaera, the test may not be accurate. In contrast to the majority of humans, who only have one set of DNA, this individual has two sets. Although it is a rare disorder, it is possible.

DNA tests can take place by swabbing the inside of the child’s cheeks and the cheeks of the supposed father. Almost anybody can perform it, including medical professionals (in a lab or clinic or at home).

The swabs with the DNA-containing cells are later processed in a laboratory. The outcome will thereafter be available as soon as the data has been processed.

One thing to keep in mind is that the results of the swabbing cannot be presented as proof in court if they are not performed by a professional (or in their presence). Take your child to a clinic or lab, or have a professional come to your home if that is important to you.

Reasons for Getting a DNA Test

There are numerous situations in which a DNA test may be necessary. We’ll only point out a few causes for why you should get a DNA paternity test.

  1. Immigration: DNA testing is required to prove that you are the child’s biological parent during the immigration process.

Before being granted immigration rights, you must prove that you are a parent.

You are not allowed to enter a country with a child you have likely stolen or abducted and live there freely. To establish paternity, a DNA test will be required.

  1. To get child support: A mother could wish to ensure that the biological father pays child support to acquire it.

A man who is said to be the father may consent to paternity testing or may be required to do so by a court of law.

When no other official proof is available and it comes down to one person’s tale versus another, child support rulings may be wholly based on conclusive DNA paternity test findings.

If you wish to be granted custody or child support, a DNA test is required. You have two options for taking the test: voluntarily or according to a court order.

Only if the purported father is the kid’s father, which can only be established through a DNA test will the court permit him to pay child support.

An alleged father who wants custody of his child must prove paternity before being granted custody or being permitted to see the child.

  1. Getting custody: The court could request that a father who wants custody of his kid prove his paternity by DNA testing.

Similarly to this, if a mother refuses to share custody because she thinks a guy is not the father of her kid, the court may order a DNA paternity test. If the man is the child’s father, DNA paternity testing will prove it.

  1. Personal: A man’s life may be affected by discovering if he is the father or not. It could mean the difference between being committed to a child for the rest of your life or having no relationship at all.

A DNA test can be necessary depending on your unique circumstances. Have you been having second thoughts about being a parent?

Do you see any behavioural variations? perhaps implied to you by your partner that you are most likely not the biological father of their child?

Or perhaps you’ve been watching Paternity Court? You can choose to have the test done, whatever it may be. Whatever action you take once you have the results is up to you.

  1. Examine your Health: You can learn a lot about your health from your DNA. It provides information on the type of genes you possess as well as any impending health issues.

A DNA test can reveal it, and once you do, you’ll be able to protect yourself.

After that, how much does a DNA test cost in Ghana? Continue reading!

Ghana’s DNA Testing Procedures

A medical practitioner can do the test by swabbing the children and the claimed father’s inside cheeks in a lab.

It should be noted that tests must be performed by professionals or in their presence if the results are to be used as evidence in court.

In addition, DNA tests can be performed on samples of blood, hair, skin, and amniotic fluid (the fluid that surrounds a fetus during pregnancy). The outcome will be revealed in a few days.

Cost of DNA Test in Ghana

Depending on the number of participants and the hospital, the cost of the test varies. It ranges in price from 1,600 to 10,000 GHS. Yes, GHS 10,000 is required in situations where an amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling are required. This procedure, which is carried out during pregnancy, is rather pricey.

The Requirements for DNA Test

For Adults

  • International passport
  • Drivers License
  • National Identification Card


For Children

Birth certificate of the child.

Two passport photos for every child.

If the child is under 18, the mother must give her approval.

Legal proof of the requestor’s position as a legal guardian has required if a parent is not present at the time of the test. Sometimes you need a marriage certificate and a death certificate.

List of Hospitals/Labs for DNA Testing in Ghana

DNA tests can not be carried out in every hospital because of their complicated aspect. The best places to take DNA in Ghana are listed below:

  1. Kuku Hill Osu Accra’s: The Trust Specialist Hospital
  2. . DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) has been carried out in Accra, Ghana.

Location: 30 Independence Avenue Ridge, Accra, Ghana, 7th Floor GNAT Heights, Synlab Ghana.

  1. Synlab Ghana
  2. MDS-Lancet Laboratories – Tema
  3. Scientellect Biomedical Laboratory
  4. Kokomlemle Centre, Marie Stopes Ghana,
  5. Medlab Ghana
  6. Ghana Metropolis Healthcare Limited, Accra.
  7. Accra Nyaho Medical Centre.
  8. DNA lab Testing – MMA Ghana
  9. UCMAS Ghana
  10. Migration Health Assessment Centre (MHAC), IOM Accra
  11. Rayben Diagnostics, Kumasi Ghana
  12. Korle Bu DNA Centre.

Once you’ve decided on a clinic, you may get in touch with it to see how much a DNA test will cost there.

All we can say regarding DNA test prices in Ghana is that. Given that establishing a child’s paternity is an expensive process, you should take that into account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Ghanaian hospitals offer DNA testing?

  1. DNA Testing in Ghana is done by DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC).

Ghana, Accra is the operational base for DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC). Since its founding in 1995, DDC has won several important accreditations. More than 168 countries are served by DDC’s accredited, quick, and inexpensive DNA testing services.

  1. DNA testing facilities and clinics in Ghana

DNA centre Korle Bu. Medical Center Nyaho Ghana’s Marie Stopes. MMA Ghana’s DNA testing facility.

How long does a DNA result take?

The entire DNA testing procedure, from ordering the DNA kits to receiving the test results, could take 6 to 8 weeks.

At what age can a DNA test be conducted on a baby?

You can carry out a DNA test of a baby after birth as soon as the baby has been cleaned up by hospital staff.

It requires cheek swabs to be used. The baby’s mouth needs to be free from amniotic fluid, meconium, breast milk, or formula when doing the DNA collection.

How can I get free DNA?

DNA information can be uploaded on Ancestry DNA websites for free.

Companies like FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA), LivingDNA, MyHeritage and other testing companies.

You’ll be allowed to research family members and your maternal and paternal line through haplogroups on other sites, like GEDmatch


Carrying out paternity DNA tests is a very delicate matter. The majority of laboratories demand that everyone be present in person while collecting samples.

The tests must have both parties’ written approval to proceed. Before being sealed for protection by the authorized phlebotomist who collected the samples, the test samples are signed by each of the parties.




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